E-Recruiting – Recruitment goes digital

By definition, e-recruiting means recruiting via the Internet. More and more companies, that look for personnel, choose this route and rely increasingly on online media for recruiting. This is as young professionals and digital natives, in particular, prefer to apply for jobs via the Internet.

umaris is your experienced full-service specialist for national and international recruiting. We are also happy to advise you on the opportunities and possibilities of e-recruiting. With our know-how and individual concepts, we achieve optimal results in the search for applicants – both off- and online.

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E-Recruiting from umaris – Top candidates for your company

When you choose recruiting or e-recruiting from umaris, you do not need expensive and complicated software. Instead, we take care of all steps for you – from consultancy to the creation of the advertisement and publication in various media to the pre-selection of applicants. If you wish, we can also handle all communication with the candidates.

Naturally, companies receive detailed reports to keep them informed about the recruitment progress. You benefit from comprehensive documentation, evaluation and success monitoring. This gives you an overview of your investment at all times.

umaris Text Service: E-Recruiting with AI-optimized ads

Anyone searching for a new employer on the Internet uses certain keywords on Google. With our special AI-supported text optimization, we can anticipate this search behavior.

Through a so-called search engine optimized text and AI optimized titles, your ad will be found faster. Of course, this only works if the candidate searches for corresponding terms. In our case, this means: You will most likely be found mainly by actually suitable candidates!

Of course, your ad should also catch the eye and unmistakably represent your company. For individual branding, we not only rely on logo and typeface, but also on a colorful variety of images, links and, if necessary, videos.

Mobile Recruiting for the job search via smartphone

A digital ad should not only inspire in terms of content. According to a study, 76% of Generation Y applicants use smartphones or other mobile devices for their job search. That's why a job ad must be optimized for mobile display today.

Sounds complicated? Then simply leave mobile recruiting to our team of experts! Our IT specialists ensure optimal usability and readability on all devices.

Recruiting 2.0 – Successful with social recruiting

When it comes to posting ads, companies often don't know which online media suitable applicants are looking at. The important role of social media is often overlooked.

By using umaris' objective media consulting, you have one less concern. We help you to find the appropriate recruiting channels. In addition to classic online job boards, we also use social media platforms such as Facebook, Xing or LinkedIn. Then your ad will appear in your applicants' timeline – without them having to actively search for a job.

Letterbox Service: How the umaris applicant management relieves your HR department

Now you know how to obtain a large selection of suitable candidates with the help of umaris' e-recruiting solutions. But many companies hardly have time to process incoming applications.

That is why umaris takes over your complete applicant management. With our letterbox service we accept all incoming applications for you. We then forward them to you on a daily basis via 256-bit encrypted applicant management software. If you wish, we can select and classify all eligible candidates beforehand.

All applicants receive a confirmation of receipt. In addition, they will be informed about the next steps. We also answer any queries they may have. As a company, you no longer have to worry about anything. Do you have any questions? We would be happy to explain the advantages and disadvantages of e-recruiting to you in a personal consultation. Give us a call or contact us via our e-mail address.

E-Recruiting – Get found easily with Google AdWords

When placing job ads, we often use Google AdWords. These small ads are then found above and below the actual search results of a page and are the first to catch the eye.

AdWords can be keyworded just like texts and published with regional restrictions. In this way, potential applicants can be addressed locally and with pinpoint accuracy.

E-Recruiting: Advantages and disadvantages compared to classic recruitment

E-recruiting has many advantages and almost no disadvantages. Especially if you place your projects in the hands of an experienced personnel service provider like umaris, you can't go wrong.

E-Recruiting is quick and easy

Companies save a lot of time with e-recruiting. A job ad can be posted in just a few minutes. You get immediate exposure to many potential candidates. Expensive folders are no longer needed for the application itself. There is also no need to go to the post office. Instead, data is simply entered into the system, a resume and references are uploaded – and that's it. Alternatively, an e-mail application can be sent as well. Many companies have the first applications in their inbox within a few hours.

You reach a large number of potential applicants

Another advantage is the high reach that a job advertisement can achieve on the Internet. Especially if the advertisement is cleverly linked, the chances are high, that many suitable candidates will become aware of your company. An ad can appear on relevant online platforms, but also on your homepage or social media profiles.

Flexibility in design

A job ad on the Internet can be designed individually. In addition to a text and your logo, you can usually insert images, videos or links as you wish. Another advantage: If changes suddenly occur, a job offer online can be edited or deleted very quickly.

Effectful Employer Branding

Last but not least, coverage and individual design can have a positive effect on your company's image. After all, a job ad also has a representative effect. Not only potential applicants, but also employees, partners and competitors will perceive you with it. With a perfect ad, you can present yourself successfully, modernly, sympathetically, openly and internationally.