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A fulfilling job is an important building block for personal happiness. It not only provides a living, but also gives meaning and structure to everyday life.

However, it's not always easy to find the job that really suits you. Many different factors determine whether you will be happy with your employer, colleagues and tasks in the long term.

As experienced and professional personnel consultants, we support you in continuing to climb your individual career ladder and in finding the job that inspires you on the long run.

It doesn't matter whether you are a graduate, an experienced expert or a manager, whether you are looking for a company to join, a complete career change or a relocation. No matter what it is, we will put you in the position you deserve!

At umaris you as a person are the center of attention

You are important to us. Yes, exactly you!

We would like to place you in a company where you are needed, where you can develop in the long term and where you feel valued and comfortable as a person. We approach this responsible task with great respect.

That's why our work is not only based on your professional qualifications, but also takes your social and personal skills into account. After all, it is not only the professional requirements that should suit you – but also the corporate culture and development opportunities.

Your career headquarters: The umaris cockpit

As far as the flow of your application process is concerned, we want to make it as easy as possible for you. That is why we provide you with the umaris cockpit. Here you can comfortably create your personal profile in just a few steps.

In addition, you can look around on our umaris job exchange by yourself. Find daily updated vacancies in numerous industries – with employers that we trust and know personally.

If you don't find a position that appeals to you immediately , you are of course welcome to send us a speculative application. In any case, we will present your portfolio to all potential companies and, as soon as an employer shows interest, we will prepare you optimally for the interview.

Do you need more information? Please feel free to call us: +49 4351 90760 00.

Career Cooaching

You would like to change professionally, but do not know exactly where to go yet or feel uncertain about an upcoming decision? Then we support you with our career coaching to gain clarity and to make a decision that will make you happy on the long run.

The booster for your career!


Let us advise you and benefit from our many years of experience.

A quick phone call or e-mail is all it takes.

Location analysis and profiling

First, we work with you to analyze your strengths, weaknesses and potential and help you to define your goals. We also develop an individual career profile that will help you score points both in your resume and in the interview.

Career Service

Then, together with you, we define the path you will take. We match company profiles and job advertisements with your wishes and recommend you the most suitable employer.

Application Coaching

You can also count on us at any time during the application phase. We prepare you optimally for your job interview and train you until you appear professional, competent and confident. In doing so, we also play through critical situations such as salary negotiations with you.

We advise and accompany you until you reach your desired position – and beyond. After all, we want you to develop well in your new position.

For more information and price inquiries, please contact us directly.

Career tips for young professionals - The best career tips from experts

A career starter is understood to mean a graduate on the one hand and a career changer on the other. Depending on the industry, starting a career is more or less easy for employees. That's why we'll show you how you can impress your future employer in the best possible way!

Hint 1:
Avoid mistakes in the application

The most important part of the application is the resume. Make sure that the data is complete and that you have a professional photo. Attach all relevant certificates and confirmations of internships.

As a young professional, you probably do not have much work experience yet. Therefore, you are welcome to list personal hobbies and knowledge. You would like to enter the healthcare sector and have a trainer's license? You have studied mechanical engineering and work privately in a workshop? Do you enjoy learning foreign languages? For your employer, this is proof of real passion!

In the cover letter, you should also make it clear why you are interested in the job and, above all, in the company in particular. Show that you know what you want!

You are also welcome to include soft skills and other personal strengths in your cover letter. After all, your future boss wants to know what makes you stand out as a person. Remember, however, that you must be able to justify and prove your statements. Also, avoid generalities!

Very important: Have a second person read your application for spelling mistakes at the end. In many professions, correct German is very important.

Hint 2:
The right outfit for work

Your employer is not only interested in your qualifications. If you want to be professionally successful, you also need the right appearance. The rule here is: Clothes make the man! That's why many career tips also address the topic of clothing.

How you should dress depends entirely on your job. In a bank or an insurance company, you need to radiate the security and seriousness that your customers expect from you. In a start-up, there are usually less strict rules. You may even come across as stuffy with a strict outfit.

If in doubt, you are always right with a discreet and elegant style. Avoid sports shoes, high heels, short pants, miniskirts or wide necklines. With a shirt or blouse, blazer, long pants or a knee-length skirt, on the other hand, you are hardly go wrong.

Hint 3:
Expand your network

Ideally, you should build up a good network during your studies. Important contacts can come about through internships, but also through part-time jobs or academic work. Cultivate this network. An older colleague may become your mentor, or the former boss from your student job may suddenly have an attractive position for you.

Networking via social media is one of the most important career tips for young professionals. Get yourself a Xing and LinkedIn account. Connect with colleagues, but also with partners, bosses or former fellow students. Good contacts will help you get ahead at work and also if you want to change jobs one day.

Hint 4:
Negotiate salary

What salary can an entry-level employee demand? The answer to this question often depends heavily on the industry. While an engineer often earns very well right from the start, things often look very different in the media world.

For this reason, you should inform yourself about the common salary standards in your targeted industry. Do not sell yourself short under any circumstances. However, if you don't have a lot of experience and if the competition is fierce, you shouldn't rush out with an exaggerated salary demand.

If you have already been working for the company for some time and would like a salary increase, it is best to wait for a suitable moment. One such moment would be the end of your probationary period. If you have been able to convince the boss by then, he will be happy to adjust your salary accordingly.

The first weeks at the company – The best career tips for every day

Many young employees experience a reality shock in the first few weeks after starting their careers. It is important that you do not get unsettled now.

  • Things are very hectic? You have to complete tasks in the shortest possible time? To-do lists can help you stay on top of things when things get stressful. An experienced colleague may also be able to support you. That way, you'll get to know each other better right away and perhaps find a good mentor.
  • Be proactive. Once you've completed one task, feel free to jump right into the next challenge. You'll work your way up faster that way.
  • Deal with criticism constructively, even if it's not so kindly worded. Reflect on your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Have you made a mistake? Then it's best to own up to it.
  • The path to a job doesn't always go straight to the top. Career starters in particular sometimes have to take detours. However, these can open up completely unexpected perspectives. Be grateful and always try to see the positive.
  • Be a loyal employee. Demonstrate team spirit and never act as a know-it-all.

Do you need more career tips for young professionals? We will be happy to answer your personal questions as part of our career advice for graduates!