Outplacement – How to turn termination into an opportunity for the employee

To remain competitive, a company must be prepared to make changes. Sometimes it can happen, that tasks are eliminated. Employees from a certain area of responsibility are then no longer needed – even though they are well qualified and may even hold a management position.

Outplacement consulting is a service that originated in the USA. The principle is that a terminated employee receives counseling in which his strengths and abilities are reflected to define new goals. This enables him or her to find a new career quickly and easily.

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Advantages of outplacement: Save costs, preserve reputation

Some employers see outplacement consulting as a superfluous investment. But you can actually save money this way and avoid a lot of unnecessary resentment.

Offering outplacement counseling during a termination can calm tempers and avoid disputes. The employee experiences appreciation despite termination and feels supported, even if he loses his job.

Even if a legal dispute arises, companies can score points in court if they have offered the employee the prospect of outplacement counseling. The labor court views this offer positively.

Sometimes the employment contract provides for long-term payment. In this case, successful outplacement counseling can save high costs if the employee finds a new job quickly.

Statistics show that younger candidates and women in particular are very happy to accept outplacement counseling. However, outplacement also shows good results with people over 50 years of age.

Outplacement consulting in case of professional or private crises

Sometimes it happens that an employee is no longer happy in the company, so that his performance drops significantly. But also private crises can lead to the fact that an employee can no longer fulfill his tasks on the necessary level. Through outplacement consulting, employers can part with an employee in this difficult situation without dropping him or her.

The goal can be an adequate new professional occupation, or a complete break with the previous career and embarking on a completely new career path. Some candidates find their true destiny after an outplacement consultation and are then happier than ever before.

Thanks to outplacement, you as a company can usually achieve an amicable separation and avoid legal disputes.

Outplacement consulting – How umaris supports your company

The outplacement consultants of umaris do not offer standard solutions. Our experience has shown us that we have to listen and ask questions first. Then, together, we explore personal strengths and interests and use these to structure paths for a professional re-orientation.

Since we are also recruiters and know of vacancies, it is possible to place the candidate in a new job very quickly or even directly. As we are also active in a wide range of industries, we can also support far-reaching change requests within the framework of outplacement.

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