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Does your company lack qualified employees? Is it difficult to find the right specialist for a specific vacancy, even though there are many with suitable qualifications who are looking for jobs? This may be because most vacancies aren't worded in an appealing way or are not easy to find on the internet.

We have the experience and the right tools to help you find the right person professionally and quickly.
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Your success is important to us. If you wish, we will literally "take you by the hand" until you have reached your goal.


For us, confidentiality is of utmost importance. Both applicants and companies can 100 percent rely on our discretion.


umaris has been active in the HR field for many years. We are able to place even highly specialized candidates and serve market niches.

More Time

The complex candidate search takes time away from day-to-day business. The pressure to find the right employee for both management and staff is high, and media channels are constantly changing. Speed up the selection process and let us navigate you – from consultation to media service.


We ensure in advance that chemistry and expectation fit from both sides. With our zero-error tolerance, we guarantee a sustainable candidate choice for at least one year.


Find the top candidates for your company with us.


We will get you fit for the upcoming challenges.


Support for the re-orientation of employees

Campus Recruiting

Find suitable applicants with universities

Executive Search

Fill key positions – with the help of umaris

Personnel Development

The synergies of different professional and human competencies in a team determine the quality of work and diversity of performance. The optimal situation is achieved when each individual employee can fully develop his or her abilities and find "his or her" place within the company.

If you, too, want to gain a competitive edge and at the same time increase employee satisfaction, we recommend that you take a close look at your team's competencies and promote them accordingly. Within the framework of personnel development, we first carry out a personnel diagnostic, in which we analyze skills and personality traits. We then design a customized personnel development concept and tools to turn your goals into reality. We help you to develop individual employees, but also entire teams including your management level.

Especially in regards to the planning of vacancies, we support you in designing direct requirement profiles for company divisions and individual positions.


If the paperwork looks good and the candidate is convincing in the interview, many companies see no reason not to hire the person in question. But often, new employees barely make it through the probation period. One common reason for this is that employers pay too little attention to a candidate's personality: For example towards his or her sense of responsibility, communicative flair and the ability to make decisions or to think out of the box. If certain character traits are lacking, even the best specialist knowledge is sometimes of little help.

With our three-stage qualification and selection analysis process, we help you to avoid this mistake: In addition to professional qualifications, we evaluate thought patterns, professional and personal interests as well as behavioral traits, and check the suitability with the vacancy. This gives you an accurate impression of your candidate and enables you to make a correspondingly sustainable decision.