Set sail for the next career goal!

Are you qualified, specialized, experienced – and yet still not where you see yourself? Your tasks could be more exciting, the salary higher or the corporate culture more progressive?

Then now is the time to leave the familiar harbor and set your sights on new career goals together with us!

Any questions? Gladly!

We will be happy to explain everything you need to know during a personal consultation.

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Know your own value and take chances

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, specialists have the best chances on the job market. Companies in numerous industries may be looking exactly for you. Therefore, with your qualifications and experience, it always pays out to be open to new challenges.

Are you hesitating because you value the security of your current position and your job is not really bad at heart? Don't worry – with our support you will find the position that really fulfills you among many offers! Range of tasks, development opportunities as well as financial and personal aspects: We take all of this into account during our search for you.

A job like a tailor-made suit

In order to locate the ideal vacancy for you, we need to get to know you as well as possible, both as an employee and as a personality. Your wishes, expectations and individual goals are the compass of our work.

First of all, we therefore ask you to create your personal career cockpit. Here you can enter your data and upload your resume and references. Please always provide complete and detailed information. The more we know about your goals, strengths and potential, the more accurately we can act and present you attractively to potential employers.

Master the professional turnaround successfully

Are you currently at a point where you only know one thing for sure: I can't go on like this professionally? But you are not quite sure about viable alternatives and meaningful new goals?

In this case, umaris is glad to be there for you too! We help you to maneuver out of your professional dead-end and to re-orientate yourself.

Let our individual consulting services and personal coaching sessions inspire you and define the path you want to take in the future!

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