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Filling top and key positions is usually a real challenge as the profile of a manager is very specific in many cases. If you as a company were to promote such a position in an ad, it is likely that not a single applicant would be found to fill the position perfectly.

umaris, your specialist for personnel consulting and recruiting, recommends the Executive Search Service for such cases. .

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What does Executive Search mean?

Executive search or executive research is a term that can be translated as direct approach. A personnel consultancy offers this method when it comes to filling a highly specialized, often highly remunerated position in management such as that of a CEO. This usually requires a particularly confidential approach.

The basis for a successful approach relies on trusting and long-term relationships with the candidates. This is the only way that headhunters or executive search consultants can accurately present a suitable executive to the company within a short period of time.

Unlocking the passive labor market with Executive Search

Often, top candidates for higher management positions are not even actively on the job market. Mostly, they are still in a secure position at another company. Therefore, they would not respond to a job advertisement on their own. Executive search is the only way to reach these candidates.

Executive Search by umaris – your partner for filling key positions

umaris is your partner when it comes to the executive search on a national and international level. What distinguishes the work of our executive consultants are many years of experience, profound know-how as well as absolute trustworthiness.

This is how our headhunters proceed with the Executive Search

Our consultants invest a lot of time to set up a detailed candidate profile with your profile. The basis therefore is the most initial question: What does the ideal candidate look like?

For our executive research, we use a broad network that has candidates for almost every industry. This is not just the usual executive search databases that almost every personnel consultancy uses. At umaris, we rely above all on contacts that have grown personally. Because in order to successfully fill an executive position in management, more than just skills and experience have to match. Rather, the candidate should also have the right personality for the company. As we know many top executives and have accompanied them for many years, we can judge whether the famous chemistry matches or not.

Executive Search with success – Get to know our consultants!

As a company for personnel consulting and recruiting, executive search is one of our most important tasks. Unlike other service providers, we do not hide behind empty words like "professionalism" or "seriousness". Instead, we make our services and goals transparent so that you, the client, know where you stand at every stage of a project. We are aware that trust is work – and we are happy to work for you!

The best way to find out whether we are the right headhunters for you is to arrange an initial personal meeting. If you are looking for a specialist or manager in a particular industry and require the corresponding expertise, please take a look at our industry focus areas.

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