Organization and processes – auditing, monitoring, solutions

The labor market is undergoing profound change. Technological developments and fast-paced innovations let small and medium-sized companies face challenges that few would have expected years ago.

Those who want to remain successful and competitive must be able to act flexibly and subject their company to constant transformation. This makes the constant optimization of organization and processes necessary.

In this context, the demands on employees are also growing. Their tasks are changing and are becoming more complex – especially over the course of the digitalization. Personal motivation, proactive action, and a willingness to work in an agile manner are becoming all the more important.

Are you an employer and do you want a team that is ready for new top performances every day and that drives the fulfillment of your goals? Then it is your responsibility to create suitable conditions. This also means letting go of outdated processes when necessary.

The HR experts at umaris provide you with valuable support in this regard.

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Auditing – Listening and understanding

Unlike many other personnel consultancies, umaris does not sell you off-the-shelf solutions. Instead, we deal personally and individually with your personnel and organizational circumstances, as every company functions according to its very own DNA.

In specific terms, this means that we seek the dialogue with your employees. In doing so, we find out what your current and future colleagues need in order to work well. This also involves looking at personnel structures at the various hierarchical levels.

It is important for us to listen carefully, as most employees attach great importance to being heard and understood. This is also a form of appreciation and respect and it promotes the willingness of individuals to actively participate in the discourse. This way, we can develop constructive solutions in exchange that actually work for you on site.

Solutions by umaris – solutions that work

As personal as we analyze your situation as a company and employer, as individual are the solutions we develop for you. Our consultants have years of experience working with companies. They have been involved in talent development and employee development and have accompanied the change management of numerous small and medium-sized companies. Based on this experience, they succeed in finding ways that actually prove themselves in everyday business.

umaris does not provide you with a hundred and fifty page PowerPoint presentation with countless graphics and statistics. Our solutions are pragmatic, logical and sometimes even surprisingly down-to-earth. But the best thing is: they work. And if something does go wrong, we are always available to help.

Accompanying processes sustainably

Transformation is a process. This means that one change will most likely not be the last. Perhaps new challenges will arise in your company in the near future.

That's why we, as HR experts, always act flexibly. We are there for you – even if organization and processes have already reached a new level and work measurably better. We stay by your side, observe if there are still weak points and explore possible further improvements.

Above all, we remain your contact in all matters – trustworthy, transparent and reliable.

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