Campus Recruiting – Today's student is tomorrow's best employee

In a rather passive labor market, companies have to become active early on when it comes to recruiting qualified specialists. That's why the search for tomorrow's employees nowadays starts with university students. This creates a win-win situation: The student gets ideas and perspectives for his or her future. The company, in turn, can present itself and, at best, establish a useful contact.

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Hardly any university refuses campus recruiting anymore. Universities invite companies to events, set up job fairs and enter close cooperations with the business community. But the competition is getting tougher all the time. Small and medium-sized companies in particular, which lack the resources for elaborate employer branding and university marketing, quickly lose out.

But large companies are also encountering problems on campus. A strong brand and a good reputation do attract graduates. But you don't always find talent among them that fit the corresponding vacancy. These companies therefore face the challenge of how to address graduates and students individually and in a targeted manner.

Campus Recruiting by umaris – Successfully attract graduates for your company

This is where umaris steps into the process: Through close cooperations with universities, we maintain continuous contact with high potential candidates whose graduation is coming up in the next two years. We are not only interested in good grades. To us, the personality is of particular importance to us: What skills and interests does the student have? What goals would he like to achieve in his professional life? How do they envision their job and what do they expect from their employer?

We don't have to organize an event for this, and we don't have to sell an expensive marketing campaign. Our recruiting works directly by accompanying the candidate already at the university and by working on his future together. If necessary, we can promptly suggest suitable positions – for example, an internship, a traineeship or an attractive position to start his or her career. Even those who still have to write their bachelor, master or diploma thesis and are looking for a position in a company for this purpose can find an opportunity through umaris.

Even those who do not know yet what their start into the professional life after the university will look like, are welcome to contact us.

We support them through our Campus Career Service by advising them on opportunities and options. That way, we make a valuable contribution to the career orientation.

What makes graduates so interesting as future employees

Our working world is becoming increasingly complex. It requires a high degree of flexibility and an open mind for new things. These qualities are particularly characteristic for young, well-educated people. That's why it's worth looking in the direction of the campus when recruiting.

What graduates also usually bring is a high level of commitment and motivation. For many of them, rapid career development is very important. Unlike in the past, the focus is not only on salary. Equally important are the sense of purpose and self-fulfillment in the job, the opportunity to work independently, appreciation in the team, and a good work-life balance. Companies that are socially or ecologically committed are also perceived as attractive. In short, a number of parameters have to be right for a student to become a happy employee. But then an employer can look forward to maximum output.

For many companies, it is also a great advantage that there are usually many digital natives among the young graduates. Anyone who wants to successfully digitalize their company needs people who are familiar with technology and IT. Who would be better suited for this than the generation that grew up with Google, complex software and smartphones?

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