Text creation

Whether you employ an applicant or not depends to a large extent on their ability to portray themselves in a good light. However, when it comes to job adverts it’s your turn to show your best side: with a clear company profile and a precise, comprehensible and attractive job description. 

Many people still underestimate the importance of a well-written text. However, studies show that in many cases ad texts did not give potential applicants a clear picture of the position being advertised.

Did you know for example that online 80 percent of job ads are searched for via key words? Adverts that do not contain any relevant key words are not even found by suitable candidates. However, we know the rules – and can word your job ads in the right way. We support you with our creative team in producing pithy headlines and smart sentences – we always find the right words, even in difficult cases. We cut to the chase and increase your chances of addressing precisely the right candidates.

The text-creation process subsequently always includes an independent proof-reader who ensures that the texts are free of errors and contradictions and that they comply with all legal requirements, such as equality laws or special international regulations, before they are layouted.