Personnel marketing

Companies used to only compete for customers. Nowadays they needs creative ways of approaching qualified employees. This is particularly significant in the context of demographic change and the shortage of specialist workers – not only for large corporations, but also for small and medium-sized companies. 

Personnel marketing relates to the medium and long-term supply of companies with suitable personnel by means of associated marketing measures. This may involve both single campaigns and longer-term communication concepts.

We would like to use our experience and creativity to use a contemporary approach to personnel marketing to ensure that you are seen as an attractive employer both internally and externally. The prerequisites include an unmistakable and trustworthy employer brand, which boosts your profile and familiarity and enables you to clearly set yourself apart from other companies on the job market.

To ensure a successful communication outcome, we sit down with you to develop a press and social media strategy that gives you visibility in all areas of the job market. We will also advise you in matters relating to job advert management by drafting texts for you, creating job adverts in your corporate design and then disseminating these via the relevant job market channels on your behalf.